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Our High-Quality Three-Tab Shingles From GAF

Three-tab shingles are considered by some homeowners to be “entry-level.” GAF’s Three-Tab roofing shingles, however, are anything but basic. In fact, they’re highly recommended by every GAF-certified roofing company, including Eldridge Roofing and Restoration. Here’s why:


Three-Tab Shingle Series

Unlike other roofing products on the market, GAF Three-Tab shingles have passed two of the roofing industry’s toughest wind tests, the ASTM 110 mph and 150 mph, the equivalent of hurricane Categories 3 and 4, respectively. Additionally, thanks to their StainGuard Protection, GAF Three-Tab shingles have built-in protection against blue-green algae, allowing you to e...

3 Dangers of a Leaky Roof

Regardless of how strong your roofing material is, constant exposure to the weather will result in wear and tear that will eventually take a toll on your system. Some initial issues you may see include cracks and loose shingles, both of which will lead to more serious problems, such as leaks. At the first signs of damage, we recommend turning to a professional like Eldridge Roofing and Restoration for immediate roof repair to prevent costlier problems. Here are some of the dangers of a roof leak:


Water Damage

Missing shingles and cracks on your roof provide a passage for water to enter your home. If you have an attic, this would be the first area to receive damage, harming the different items...

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