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Prepare Your Roof for Tropical Storms

The tropical storm season in the Houston area starts on the first of June and ends around the end of November. If you want your roof to withstand these potentially high winds, you need to get it ready now. To prepare your roof for tropical storms or hurricanes, you need to work with a roofing company in Houston, TX, to:

Get an Inspection: An inspection by a professional will bring to light issues your roof has. This type of assessment should look at the state of your shingles, the reason for rust spots, cracks around piping, popped up nails and granules in your gutters.
Add Reinforcements: It is essential your roof stay strapped down during a storm. Tie-downs and other reinforcem...

3 Tips for Filing a Roofing Insurance Claim

If your roof was damaged in a storm or other catastrophe, it can be hard to know what to do. Filing an insurance claim is often a daunting process. For some homeowners, it’s hard to even know when to file a claim. Will your insurance cover the storm damage, or do you have to pay for the repairs out of pocket? When it comes to roofing in Katy, TX, you need to turn to a professional. Use these tips to help file an insurance claim when disaster strikes.

1. Get Familiar With Your Policy: Ideally, you should do this before you need to file a claim. You may not have as much time to read over your policy with a giant hole in your roof. You can better understand your policy by talking with your...

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