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3 Things You Need to Know About Replacement Window Materials

When it comes to replacement windows in Cypress, TX, there are a lot of different material options. Most contractors offer aluminum, composite, fiberglass, vinyl and wood frames.

Aluminum is one of the oldest material options and one of the strongest. You need to know:

1. It is not as energy efficient as fiberglass, vinyl or wood, but it does block noise well.
2. It is affordable.
3. Its weather- and rust-resistant frame can be painted.

Today, aluminum is most often used as a shell for wood window frames.

Composite is a mixture between vinyl and wood frames. You need to know:

1. It is low maintenance.
2. It is energy efficient.
3. It is priced between vinyl and wood frames.

Many busy homeowners choose composite frames.

Recently fiberglass has become more readily available. You need to know:

1. It is stronger than both wood and vinyl.
2. It uniformly expands and contracts, which allows the frame to keep its integrity and energy efficiency.
3. It can be painted.

This is a great option for new windows in Cyprus because of its customization and easy fabrication.

Vinyl windows are some of the most popular window materials available. You need to know:

1. It is economical partially because there is no need to paint.
2. It can come in a variety of customizable shapes, sizes and styles.
3. It’s very energy efficient.

Vinyl is a great option for homeowners who don’t want to paint their window frames.

Wood is one of the higher maintenance options. You need to know:

1. It has to be painted or stained regularly to avoid rot.
2. It is a better insulator than metal, but not as good as fiberglass and vinyl.
3. It does not attract condensation like metal frames do.
Wood frames offer a customizable, traditional look.

Pick What’s Best for You
You need to know all of this information, so you can pick the best replacement window material that is right for you. Work with experts for the best results.

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