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Storm Damaged Gutter Repair in Houston & Katy

Storm damage is one of the key reasons why gutter systems need professional repairs. Violent storms cause a number of problems to both the inside lining and outer frame of a gutter system. At Eldridge Roofing, our team knows gutter systems and provides top-notch repairs for storm-damaged gutters to ensure the peak performance of your gutter system. We serve business owners and homeowners in Katy, Magnolia, Montgomery, and other cities throughout the Greater Houston Area. When you need our help, call 832-551-1313 or click here.

storm roof gutter damage in houston


Gutter Issues Caused by Storms

Eldridge Roofing can correct these gutter damages to your property:

Dangling gutter frame: When the gutter gets detached by debris and dangles uselessly in midair, we clear the debris and re-attach the gutter.
Leaks from internal overflow: When storm debris creates a blockage inside the gutter, we stop the leaks and clear your gutter.
Detached troughs: Internal pressure from overflows and blockage pressure can cause the trough to fall off the roof.
Water damage: Leaks can cause obvious water damage to the walls, attic, and basement of the structure, causing mold.
Debris accumulation: Strong winds create an accumulation of debris in the gutter frame that can compromise its structural integrity.

Let Us Fix Your Gutters in Houston & The Woodlands

Count on Eldridge Roofing’s certified technicians to repair your storm-damaged gutter systems in Houston, Klein, Tomball, The Woodlands, Kingwood, and other cities across the Houston area. To learn more, call 832-551-1313 or click here to secure our services today. 

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

We help your family or business rebuild after a natural disaster. Services include Insurance Loss Claims and guidance through trying times.

  • Accidents Happen
    • We assist in the insurance claim process to minimize stressful times.
    • Find Out What’s Covered
    • Inspect The Damages
    • Provide Photo Report
    • Contact Insurance

Over 25 Years of Experience in The Roofing, Gutters & Fire/Water Damage Restoration Industries

Since being founded in 1998, the conception of Eldridge Roofing and Gutters has been committed to true excellence in the roofing, gutters and restoration industries. Each member of our knowledgeable team strives daily to deliver professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and first-class service to our homeowners.

Eldridge Roofing and Gutters, is proud to be a family-owned & operated company serving Houston, Spring, Cypress, and surrounding areas, while never losing sight of professionalism and the importance of quality craftsmanship at honest pricing. We individually and as a family stand firmly behind our company motto: “People before Profit.”

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