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Asphalt Roofing Solutions around Houston, Spring & Cypress

Asphalt shingles are a great option for homeowners seeking a robust, reasonably priced, and adaptable house. Your home will remain dry throughout rain or storms since it's water-resistant. We provide skilled services for asphalt roofing.

Customized asphalt roofing shingles are part of this. The color technology used in the design of these shingles allows your property to reflect the heat from the sun. To discuss the best option for your property if you want roofing services, get in touch with Eldridge Roofing and Gutters.

Eldridge Roofing & Gutters offers outstanding craftsmanship with premium asphalt roofing shingles produced by prominent manufacturers in the sector. When roofing, we also take your roof's chimney, ventilation, and gutters into account. This guarantees the safety of your roof. Give us a call at 832-551-1313 if you live in the surrounding areas of our service area and need high-quality asphalt roofing.

Asphalt Roofing

Varieties of Asphalt Roofing across Houston, TX

Asphalt roofs are a common option for most homeowners since they are heat-resistant. So, both owners of residential and commercial properties might choose an asphalt roof. The most popular kinds of asphalt roofs are as follows:

  • Dimensional shingles
  • 3-tab shingles
  • Premium customized shingles
  • Fiberglass-based shingles have longer manufacturer warranties and are more versatile, obligated, and tear-resistant than traditional paper mat shingles
  • The shingles with the best protection against fire (Class A) and algae growth

A Quality Roofer Will Save You Time & Money

Installation, Repairs, Replacements, Cleaning, & Preventative Maintenance

Whether you want to update your current roof or install a new one, we can quickly and efficiently fix any issue.

  • Roof Installation
  • Ensure Safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Storm Damage / Hail Damage
  • Leaks / Water Stained Ceiling
Roof Installation, Repairs, Replacements
Certified Roofing Experts from Eldridge Roofing and Gutters

Eldridge Roofing and Gutters' Certified Roofing Experts

Residential and commercial property owners have been served by roofing to flooring services since 1998. The greatest roofing solutions in Houston are provided by our company.

Get in Touch with Eldridge Roofing and Gutters for Reliable Asphalt Roofing 

Your home's roofing material selection will affect its resilience to environmental changes and how well it will operate over time. You may get assistance from Eldridge Roofing & Gutters in selecting the best roofing system for your surroundings. For people who live in places where hail is frequent and severe weather is a concern, we provide specialist advice. For a free quote or to discuss your specific requirements, call us at 832-551-1313 right now.

Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims

We help your family or business rebuild after a natural disaster. Services include Insurance Loss Claims and guidance through trying times.

  • Accidents Happen
    • We assist in the insurance claim process to minimize stressful times.
    • Find Out What’s Covered
    • Inspect The Damages
    • Provide Photo Report
    • Contact Insurance

Over 25 Years of Experience in The Roofing, Gutters & Fire/Water Damage Restoration Industries

Since being founded in 1998, the conception of Eldridge Roofing and Gutters has been committed to true excellence in the roofing, gutters and restoration industries. Each member of our knowledgeable team strives daily to deliver professional, knowledgeable, reliable, and first-class service to our homeowners.

Eldridge Roofing and Gutters, is proud to be a family-owned & operated company serving Houston, Spring, Cypress, and surrounding areas, while never losing sight of professionalism and the importance of quality craftsmanship at honest pricing. We individually and as a family stand firmly behind our company motto: “People before Profit.”

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A Quality Roofer Will Save You Time & Money

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